This is a game prototype I developed as part of the "Game Design and Development" Specialization on Coursera, by Michigan State University. I might consider develop this prototype into a fullgame if the player response is positive.


In this game, you control a starship named Gamma and you have to explore distant planets in search of former alien civilization's signs, like a space archeologist, and figure it out what caused the civilization's extinction. Good luck.


  • Added a tutorial screen to help the player to understand the game controls, as well as a button for it in the main menu.
  • Changed the resolution to 1024 x 576, so it plays better on a web browser.
  • Minor changes to text font sizes, various adjustments.


  • Added a compass in the planet surface user interface pointing to the geographic north. The compass is always synchronized with the probe rotation.
  • Added a minimap in planet surface user interface, along with icons for the probe and each discovered exploration point. When a point is found, it will be shown on the minimap.
  • Changed the collision system in the planet surface from discrete to continuous.


  • Fixed the camera problem on Gamma's Bridge.
  • Changed the font size of the text messages.
  • Added a helper text.


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A few Hotkeys:

  • Use Space to close dialogue;
  • Use shift to burst speed.